Anna Brewer is a filmmaker, environmentalist, visual artist & community organizer. Brewer works with non-profits, artists, community groups, small businesses and individuals to tell their story from the beginning phase of mapping out an idea to the final production. Brewer aspires to tell the stories that matter to you and to your community.

 “Anna is a talented, compassionate, diligent and socially-minded artist. I am thrilled with a video she created about our organization’s summer program. Anna captured and pieced together what feels like the best moments of our program and told a captivating story that truly aligns with our organization’s mission and values.” – Jenna Baron, Executive Director of ARYSE

“Anna and I worked together on a maternity shoot to capture artistic images of my first pregnancy. I’m tremendously grateful for the care, creativity, time and energy that Anna poured into this project. If you’ve ever felt like your different way of experiencing something, like motherhood, pregnancy or anything really, is too different — call Anna. She’ll make you feel at ease and totally beautiful.” – Christine Waller